Our company offers solutions with MODPANEL® MCC and MODPANEL® DDC, which we have developed and patented for a well-functioning integrated system, instead of MCC and DDC panels produced as standard.

Although every project in water treatment shows similarities in basic principles, details and customer demands are different for each project. In order to achieve perfection in water treatment systems, these details need to be solved specially and specifically for each project. MODPANEL® performs detailed engineering for each project and produces panels that are fully compatible with the system. As MODPANEL® ,we do not have standard production, we have panel production as boutique & specifically on each project basis. We try to achieve perfection in water treatment systems with our MODCOMPLEX® system, MODPANEL® MCC and MODPANEL® DDC panels.

We also design and manufacture other electrical panels as boutiques as demands of our customers.

Structural Features of MODPANEL® Panels:

Place of Use
Internal and External
Mechanical Endurance
IK 10 (IEC 62262)
Panel Sheet
Steel Plate EN 10130 DC01 or Galvanized Steel Plate EN 10130 DC01
Mounting Plate
Galvanized Steel Plate
Selectable RAL code electrostatic powder paint
Procection Class
Single Door IP 65 - Polyurethane Cast Gasket ( IEC 60529 ), Dual coating IP 54 - Polyurethane Cast Gasket (IEC 60529)
Framing Structure
Welded or Threaded
PU casting in door
Back Part
Door or Closed Plaque
Mounting Plate
Single or Multiple
Modular Structure
Yes,it can be combined.
Side Panels
Lock System
3 Point Locking System- Master Key Compitable
Plate or Transparent
Air Conditioning
It is calculated separately on the basis of each project.

Fully compatible with fiber optic and copper cabling systems. Suitable structure for forming

A - Our Project Based Panel Productions For MODCOMPLEX® System





B - Our Project Based Panel Productions According To Our Customer Demands

  1. MODPANEL® Low Voltage Main Distribution Panels
  2. MODPANEL® Mid-Voltage Cell up to 35 kV
  3. MODPANEL® Low Voltage Distribution Panels
  4. MODPANEL® Low Voltage Lighting and Socket Panels
  5. MODPANEL® Low Voltage UPS Panels
  6. MODPANEL® Low Voltage Generator Panels
  7. - MODPANEL® Substations Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Panels
  8. - MODPANEL® Solar Energy Power Plant and Wind Energy Power Plant Low Voltage Panels
  9. - MODPANEL® Energy Management Automation Panels