MODCOLD® is the brand of our products that specially designed by combination of new technological systems. Our main goal is to produce economical products and minimize waste amount while keeping material and efficiency quality high. We offer solutions and products in cooling technologies even for large capacity facilities of the cooling sector. Our systems combine a few processes together, and they are quiet, long live and efficient.



We offer ventilation/air cooling systems for ventilation systems, cold storage systems, production facilities in your production facilities and machine rooms.

With MODCOLD Air Cooling Systems;

  • Providing constant fresh air and renewal of ambient air
  • Keeping temperature and humidity at comfort level
  • Reducing fire and explosion hazards
  • Dilution or removal of pollutants
  • It aims to keep the environment under negative or positive pressure in order to prevent unwanted air flows.( For example,the spread of stench)/( forced ventilation).


MODCOLD UltraSonic Humıdıfacatıon Devices, it is a humidification system that enables the conversion of water from liquid state to cold steam by using ultrasonic sound waves. The moisture obtained by this process is distributed to the room through an internal fan. MODCOLD Ultrasonic humidifiers are suitable for use in many industries. Ensuring the right humidity level increases production efficiency, sustainability and quality of products.

  • The humidifying equipment can be controlled by adjusting the time setting.
  • When the water in the water tank runs out, it warns with an automatic warning system.
  • The humidity sensor delivers with the device, including a 10 m cable.
  • 2 hoses are included in the price for the water connection between the water filter and the device.
  • Water tank can be filled manually or can be directly connected to the network.
  • Humidity control in the range of 25% to 95% can be done through the digital control screen.
  • 2 filter boxes and water filter are included in the price, one of them is spare.
  • The humidity in the room can be adjusted according to the desired humidity on the digital control screen.
  • Humidification stops automatically when the humidity in the room reached the set humidity value.