About Us

About Us

Our company Mod Yatırım Yapı San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. has two groups; ‘Mod Yatırım’ and ‘Mod Yapı’.

Mod Yatırım; Our company that researches and develops domestic investment projects,preferably it aims to be a pioneer of new technologies and investment projects that have not yet started to be used in Turkey.

Mod Yapı ; Our company, which operates in the environmental sector, works in the areas of water and wastewater treatment as well as solid waste and deodorisaton. The aim of the company is to be a water & wastewater treatment sector leader especially in Turkey and Middle East.

Our brand MODcomplex® provides process and project specific solution and we would like to add new brands in our brand range. As a first step we have a dealership with ‘TORAY’ membrane. With our expanding product range, we provide services for project consultancy, technology works contractor; also offers turn-key contracting services from tender and Project design to commissioning-operation phase.

Thanks to our expert staff, we make a difference with our different perspective and add value to our projects in Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and particularly in Turkey & Turkmenistan. We give importance to customer satisfaction without compromising the concepts of engineering and quality. We believe that provide a quality service is the best advertising way for our company name.

Our Mission

To contribute into value-added innovator projects for raising the living standards of societies and individuals hereafter in Turkey and in the world by engineering competence and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Vision

To put our signature on every project we do by the meticulousness of engineering as future worldwide standards.

To follow the innovations closely by making dynamism continuous which is one of our principles, to be pioneer by bringing alternative view to the sector with our solutions where we use the latest technologies without compromising our environmental and human-oriented works.

We are a company that provides creative service beyond the expectations, working with the principle of customer orientation in the sector, knows the sector well, knows the expectations of stakeholders and define new expectations and aim for the highest satisfaction of them, has creative manpower and uses the technology well in this direction, reliable and aims to provide efficient and quality service in environmental fields.

Our Values

All our employees; they embrace the values of “Unity and integrity, Trust, Responsibility, Creativity,Innovativeness, Sustainable Environment, Result-oriented work'', regard it as an integral part of the corporate culture and include it in all business processes.

Our Objectives

In accordance with the vision and mission of our company, it is our goal to apply our quality service approach in all possible business processes by increasing our targets, to provide the idea of 'preferred company' and to be a productive & sustainable company that develops for all our employees, business partners, customers and shareholders.

Our Quality Policy

We are committed below mentioned items with the responsibility and awareness of providing service, in line with our principles we have been up until now, render continuous providing service quality, aspiring to continuous improvement for providing quality service to our customers at international standard;

  • To present the quality the determined value in the projects on time,
  • To continuously improve the system by complying with all the requirements of the Quality Management System standard,
  • Working without compromising engineering disciplines,
  • To fulfill the quality requirements in internal communication,
  • To create the spirit of teamwork and to maximize productivy,
  • To comply with legal regulations and customer specifications.

ISG Policy

We are committed below mentioned items with our responsibilities towards the society, customers, the environment and employees, briefly to all its stakeholders,

  • To comply with work safety, environmental and quality management requirements in all our projects,
  • Creating a safe working environment during our activities and to prevent occupational diseases and occupational accidents,
  • In order not to violate the right of society to live in a healthy environment, to prevent environmental pollution in our activities and to comply with legal conditions,
  • Continuous improvement for the development of our country by monitoring the results we have achieved in the occupational safety, environmental and quality management activities we have implemented,
  • To contribute to their development by training our employees and subcontractors,
  • To continuously improve our corporate infrastructure to increase efficiency in our activities and to carry our business energy to the future by increasing our energy in all areas in which we operate

Environmental Policy

  • To determine the hazards for the environment and human health in advance and to take the necessary precautions,
  • To use natural and energy resources economically and efficiently
  • To minimize the negative effects of our activities on humanity and environment
  • To raise awareness of all personnel including our customers and suppliers on health and environmental protection, and to provide training when necessary,
  • To comply with the legal regulations in our country regarding the environment and work safety and the conditions of the organizations we are a member of,
  • To make constant improvements in order to prevent accidents and incidents,
  • To make our policy continuosly accesible to interested parties.